Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WOYWW #266

Work. Work. Work...and work. That's what it seems like all I did in June. I finally had more than one day off in a row this past weekend. Finally!! Because I needed it...

...and today is Wednesday which means it's time to share my craft desk with y'all. Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground to check out everyone else's.

Mine has been cleaned up from the 4th of July activities (and from that, only one card was completed before the 4th, and I finished the other one and put away for next year!). 

I was sorting through all my mini trips and made a list of pictures I'll need to tweak and print for my new PL albums. I have a 12X12 container full of these paper bags of memorabilia from each place. There's also a Julie Nutting doll stamp way on the left side. The cowboy girl one. My Chicago Cubs tumbler with water. So, no crafting really done -- just the prep work for it. 

My cardinal birdies had hatched and flown away. I came home one day to find the nest empty. Two of the babies were sitting in the tree and the 3rd was nowhere to be found. I left and came home after a rainstorm and 2nd birdie was gone and 3rd I found under my deck. Next morning I searched everywhere.. almost stepped on him in the grass near the back corner of my yard. Anyway he's gone I hope all three are thriving. 

Here's two of them...

Both mom and dad were definitely keeping an eye on them after they left nest. Kept chirping to tell them what to do I guess. :-)

That's it for me. I received all my WOYWW ATC swaps. I was confused I guess with one and still owe one person their ATC. But with working so much I haven't had a chance (nor wanted to) do much of anything. So, I still will work on that and get it out soon. 

Happy WOYWW!!