Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WOYWW #263 -- 4th of July and bird eggs.

Well, another Wednesday is upon us. Which means it's time to share my crafty desk space. Much thanks to Julia who puts on this "show" every week. So glad to see she is doing better...head over to Stamping Ground to see what the fuss is about. 

Up until last evening, my desk was pretty clean. And than this happened....

I opened up my container of 4th of July items. Finished one card, which is sitting up by the inks in the top left corner. Another card in the works on the desk. Still not sure exactly what I'll be doing. But I embossed all the fireworks onto white C/S. We'll see..

Also, thank you to Eliza, Carole, and Sharon for these beautiful ATC's. Eliza's envelope, card, and ATC all matched. Wow. Carole sent an extra piece of C/S with a scene and an envelope of extra do-dads. Such a pretty butterfly one from Sharon. Thanks ladies!! 

And my dog has been jumping on my crepe myrtle in my backyard for a few days. It's right off my deck. I finally was looking around in the tree to see what had gotten his attention so bad...

I found 3 speckled eggs. Went online to try and figure out what kind of birdies I will see. 

And than I saw momma...

She's right there in the center with just her head peeking out. It's a cardinal. :-) Of course, now I am worried about the babies with my dog. I'm afraid he'll scare them and they'll jump out of nest too early. I also read that they don't fly well right away and stay close to nest...which means in my backyard..where the dog will get them. Now I have to be outside with him to keep an eye on the stinker. He gets obsessed with something once he knows it's there!! 

Anyhoo...Happy WOYWW!



  1. awwww! what sweet little eggs! Your desk is a sign of a very actively creative person!

  2. It's amazing what happens to a desk when you start pulling out tools and supplies. But fun happens Thanks for sharing the pics of the nest and mama bird... Carole

  3. Look at all that fun happening on your desk!!! Gorgeous ATC's you received!!! Sweet bird nest! I hope they stay safe! We have a cat that gets balled out by the birds whenever she goes out. Always hope that the wildlife escapers her! Happy WOYWW! Angie#56

  4. Now, that is a fun desk. Lots of fun papers and goodies. I love your red/white/blue stash! I am thankful for the reminder that will be here before I blink! Thanks for the kind visit, and for sharing the fun nest pick! Winnie #50

  5. Hi Gita! Thanks for visiting me! To answer your question, the Instax camera shoots the picture out of the top, just like the old Polaroid cameras. But these little photos won't smear like Polaroids, because the chemicals are on the inside. The credit card size is really fun to work with too. Love your wonderful messy desk today--reminds me of me and how one minutes I'm all cleaned off and then I get out one box or tub, and it goes crazy! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #44

  6. Oh Gita, you have to protect those eggs and then the baby birds. Walks around the yard now like a gaoler holding him in a leash.
    What happened on the top picture, looks like you suddenly had a landslide.
    Hugs, Neet 26 xx

  7. What sweet pictures of the eggs!! I hope you are able to see them when they hatch!! The bluebird babies here finally left the house but now there is another set of bluebirds using it!! And...I've seen two other birds going in there that aren't bluebirds so I'm not sure if they've turned it into a bird commune or what ;) Gorgeous ATC's you received!! Hope you are have a great week!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Oh, how fun! Thank you for sharing the photos of the eggs and the mama, Gita! And thank you for going to the trouble of keeping the dog in check to protect the babies!! I hope you get photos of them along the way!

    When you mentioned the 4th of July, I thought, what the heck, is that the next thing coming up? Well, oh yeah, holy cow, in like two weeks or something! I'm really getting a little overwhelmed by how speedy this year has been, in particular. Sigh. You just gotta roll wit it, right?!! So thanks for that slap up the side of my head so I get a couple of 4th cards made before it's too late!!

    Awesome ATCs you found in your happy mail!! Thanks for coming to see me! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week! Hugs, Darnell #14

  9. Love the ATC;s and I don't think your desk is that big of a mess. I dug out my box of 4th July stuff and will be making the grandbabies some cards soon! Love the bird pics. I had so much fun watching mine grow up last year. Have a great week. vickie #19

  10. I spied a flag card sitting on the shelf, too. Loving seeing all the ATC's, such a vast array of creativity! I was not aware that cardinals built their nests on the ground like that. Diane #40

  11. OH, my goodness, look at those eggs! :) Good to see everyone again this week! Hugs. #82

  12. ah Gita pray your babies survive the mischievous dog.. one of the reasons I dont have pets actually and that both neighbours on either side have enough to make up for us several times over.. great desk and atc's share! happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #31 thanks for visit already!

  13. Lovely ATc's you received, and your nesting bird is adorable. Hope all goes well for Mum and chicks. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #30xx

  14. Such a blessing to have a nest so close up ! Thanks for visiting ! Ali #20

  15. Lovely ATCs but what has happened to you dek. Never mind it will get sorted.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #45

  16. Gita,

    What a lovely miracle happening in your yard, I do hope you manage to keep the dog at bay. You have also received my envelope, I have also received yours, thank you so much. I am running really late this week and seriously considered not popping in, cause of so many things happening with work etc. Anyway 4th July celebrations, gosh not that far away, wish I could attend, I have always wanted to experience your celebrations.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 85