Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WOYWW #254 - Scrapbooking

Hello Everyone -- tis Wednesday again which means it is time for desk hops across the globe. Have a looksie over at Julia's Stamping Ground

Well, I seem to have my pain under control. ER visit for a CT scan, ENT, and another doctor visit for x-ray of neck. Supposedly some compressed discs...muscle relaxers and what not. Let's hope it's nothing too bad!! 

As for the weather -- goodness. It was 80 degrees over the weekend and this morning it is 32!!! What gives?! I bought a few plants and brought everything inside last night so it didn't die. :-/  

Onto my desk...all my Easter cards are done. Of course, it is Wednesday and Easter is Sunday!! My butt needs to get them out in today's mail!! LOL. Now I am sooooo close to getting my Munich 2009 trip complete. I have a few more layouts and it will be DONE. 

This was taken yesterday evening. I did manage to get upstairs and work on this LO some more. Last couple pages are from a day trip to Salzburg, Austria. And than all the ephemera I have leftover to add. Pretty much slapping pages together now so I can finish. And I'm bored with this type of scrapbooking. Mini travel albums and Project Life it seems will be my next endeavors. :-) 

Last week I also attempted to do some "whimsy" lettering. I bought a new book out -- sorry, forgot the author. But, I just experimented and here it is.. kinda dark since I took it in the evening on a dark table. 

The green/yellow background was done several weeks ago with some leftover H2O's. I'm from Chicago so just decided to come up with different words about my home town. Of course, I ended up with Sears Tower twice. (And for some of you -- I know, I know, it's not the Sears Tower anymore...but for me, it will always be!) 

Happy WOYWW!!


  1. I need to work on my whimsy lettering - yours is so cute! Happy WOYWW - Sandy Leigh #67

  2. Hello Brigita. Hey - nearly there with the scrapbook! Well done. I like the fun lettering on the page there. Great fun to try something a bit different.
    Thanks for the visit - yes, I have to admit those dolls are just cute! Not difficult or too timely to knit either. I just love the way that they grow. You knit, sew and stuff the main body - then you add each other bit as you knit/stuff it. This little personality emerges... great fun.
    Have a wonderful Easter.
    Margaret #18

  3. Hi, Gita -- glad your pain is under control and that you've been feeling like working on some creative projects. :-) I haven't made or mailed any Easter cards. I should make one or two -- maybe tonight and cross my fingers they'll arrive in two days. Gosh, 32 is pretty nippy for Georgia! Hopefully it'll be warmer for us all for Easter. Happy WOYWW ~ Laura #64

  4. Your whimsy lettering looks amazing!! It looks like so much fun to try!! I'm glad your pain is under control. I hope the meds work. Our temps have been pretty much the same. I thought I could lose the winter coat and gloves but had to dig them back out. Sigh. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Lovely project.

    Hope you are much less pain soon. Can you borrow a Tens form your doctors? I have one and it's the first thing I use when my arthritis flares.

    Hope you have a lovely Easter.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sue 39

  6. I'm glad that you are getting your pain under control.

    As for the weather - we had the same issue here! There was ice on my car this morning. I hope my plants are okay, I didn't think to bring them in until I just read what you wrote! And my basil was getting so big too :(

    Hope you have a great Easter!

  7. You have done really well with the lettering, I have not managed it so well! Karen #36

  8. Glad you're feeling a bit better, and that you finished the Easter cards in time. Enjoy playing with the lettering. Easter blessings, Chris # 31

  9. Hi Gita, just snooping your desk, cool that you're having a go with the ' - wish I was confident. Cheers and have a great Easter week RobynO#43'

  10. Not heard if whimsy lettering before but I really like it. If you call it the Sears tower, then that is what should be whimsied

  11. Its been a while since I visited but I am pleased to hear you have your pain under control an to see that you have been keeping busy with all your cards and layouts Loving the look of your lettering too! Hope Spring turns up full time for you soon. Happy WOYWW and have a great week! Danie #29

  12. Loving the whimsy lettering! Your desk looks pretty organized - well at least compared to mine right now! I have trouble working on one thing at a time! Hope your feeling back to normal soon Gita.

  13. Love the writing and I want to have a go myself at something like that.
    Great you are nearing completion with the Munich project and also that you are getting some relief for that pain.
    Hugs, & Thanks for your earlier visit - Neet 28 xx

  14. Love your lettering! Great job! I just mailed my Easter cards today too.....late-late. Love the pages you are working on!
    Happy Easter!

  15. I hope you share your pages when you finish them. I am a scrapbooker first - then a card maker. :-) April #61