Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WOYWW #245 -- Icemaggedon

Well, we here in the South, Atlanta to be specific, have been hit again. This time where I live it's not the snow. Nor, here in Atlanta have people been stuck in traffic for 12-16 hours. This time it's the ICE. Woke up this morning to ice covering everything. And the rain/ice pellets are still coming down. Not good. 

And today is Wednesday so that means it's time to share my craft desk. (Hopefully will get this done in case power goes out. Lights just dimmed a couple times.) Why am I sharing my desk? Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground

So my desk is fairly clean from last week's Valentine card making. There's still some Valentine stuff sitting back there. I also decided to make a journal page with a Valentine theme. The pages are curled over but I shut the book to flatten it out now. The images are from Lost Coast Designs. Had fun with it...

And here's some pictures from around my house of Icemaggedon...

When I first woke up and stepped outside I saw this bright red beautiful cardinal in my tree. 

My crepe myrtle out front is completely covered in ice.

Here's a close up off the end of the crepe myrtle. 

Holly bushes in my backyard. The leaves aren't shiny wet. But completely frozen with ice. 

And my Chicago Bears flag in my front yard. It is completely iced over. It is frozen in place like this. LOL. 

Lots of people without power... :-( 

And I woke up to find out someone stole an IRS check I was expecting and opened an account and deposited it. Now I have to go through all the hassle of getting in touch with the IRS and who knows when I will get my money. So frustrating. Plus my credit reports and everything. Sigh. People suck sometimes. 


  1. Hi Brigita!! I'm over here in SC and we have a ton of snow. It's been a snow/sleet mix since the early morning. No frozen rain yet, keeping the fingers crossed. The ice is beautiful to look at though. Love your pen holder. What are you using for that ?
    Cathy C. #89

  2. Oh dear, it makes for beautiful pictures but it sure can't be much fun.
    Stay safe x
    Happy Wednesday

  3. Oh my gosh, how horrible someone stole your IRS check. People do suck sometimes. I hope you are able to get this issue resolved quickly. What a nightmare. Plus all of that ice. The pictures are beautiful but the ice is just evil. I hope you don't lose power...I saw that there were like 93,000 without it. Stay safe and warm my friend. Oh, your journal pages are gorgeous!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. oops that would be #90 at WOYWDW. :))
    Cathy C

  5. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry about your IRS check. That is terrible :(

    I hope you are staying warm during the ice storm!

  6. Hi there. Sorry about the theft of your check. The ice is amazing. Stay safe and warm. Here we are being battered by the wind!! Some areas of UK getting 100 mph winds. Take care. Anne x # 78

  7. Gosh the ice is amazing and that red cardinal is great to see as we don;t have those here in the UK. Hope your leccy (power) holds out. Thanks for the visit today BJ#58

  8. Oh my, so icy...the photos are fabulous... I hope you track that thief down.. Stay warm and happy crafting
    DeDe #98

  9. That is really strange to see ice on the tree rather than snow. It is boiling heat here, wanna share and swap some weather?
    Bridget #21

  10. Oh Gita what horrible news, be careful as identity theft is common bigtime. I was really happy to see the cardinal in the tree but how cold is that to have the holly frozen, hard to imagine when we are in summer. Thanks for visiting.

    Hugs Eliza 10
    Happy WOYWW

  11. I've been thinking about you all week, as I watched reports of Atlanta and the ice that they said was to come. I hope you don't lose power, because it's not fun to be without it. Especially if you have an all electric home like mine.

    Two weeks ago, even before the first flake of snow fell, our district closed all schools. I was at a friend's and stated it was probably because they didn't want to make headlines like Atlanta did.

    Gotta admit, as much as I am TIRED of snow, I'll take it any day over ice that knocks out power. Love the cardinal. Mine don't seem to be around this winter. Maybe they flew south hoping for warmer weather (grin).

    Truly beautiful journal pages. I have pages that curl, too. But you have the right idea to remove the curl, at least.

    I feel for you and identity theft. It happened to me in 1989, before it was common. It took me until 2008 to get it cleared up. Hope yours doesn't drag out that long.

    Thanks for visiting me already. Happy day after WOYWW from #1.

  12. How awful! Identity theft is so common nowadays, it feels like only the victims take it seriously. Has happened to us in the past- you wonder why anyone would be allowed to open an account to clear a cheque, without some proper security checks being done, don't you? It makes you feel like the banks aren't as careful as they demand us to be. Gorgeous images, but the reality for the people there is not so good, I agree. we don't think of that when we see such pictures. Hope it is thawing for you now, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #43 xx

  13. really like your journal page and those icy photos are great!!