Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WOYWW #240 -- Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to All!!! I haven't blogged much over the holidays but I hope to get back into it a little bit more in the new year. Hope everyone is staying warm in all these frigid temps across the states. 

And since today is Wednesday I figured I'd head over to Julia's Stamping Ground and share what is going on in my crafty neck of the woods. My desk hasn't seen much action since the Christmas cards were completed. 

I did clear it all off and organize the Halloween and Christmas items. I put them in containers so all the stuff is together. For the most part. :-) I've started working on Valentine's/Love, which is what you see on the desk. 

Otherwise, I've been working on my new project...

I took a class the beginning of last month for basic knitting. My scarf is almost done. :-) I already forgot how to make the other stitch she taught us cause I've only used the one. And, I forgot how to finish it off. But there's my sister here, you tube, and paper instructions. In a couple weeks I'm taking another class on how to knit a hat. Should be fun. 

Happy WOYWW!! Now I'm off to sit here and veg at at home since I've come down with a cold the other night. :-/. 


  1. WOW - look at that desk LOL - wish mine looked like that. Happy New Year and good luck with the knitting :)

  2. You have me laughing here Gita the image in my head is, you will be alright for next winter because you should have finished your hat and scarf by then and maybe learnt another stitch. Good luck with your new hobby
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #6

  3. You're off to a good start with your knitting! And your desk looks ready for the new year of crafting
    Thanks for welcoming me and visiting my place.
    Robyn 70

  4. Your scarf looks amazing!! I love the colors!! How rewarding to make it yourself!! I hope you post pictures of the hat, too!! I hope you are feeling better. Happy 2014!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. I'm laughing at myself. I took a basic knitting class 3 years ago. The project is still in a basket undone. I'd say you're Rockin' the knitting. Now I'll have to add that to my "want to finish/do projects" list for the year. Thanks for the reminder. Happy Wednesday. LisaDV#79

  6. a tidy space all ready to roll with the love in the air ..the scarf looks fab love the colours i cant knit but impressed you have learnt to do so as i dont think i would have the patience to learn now hope we get to see it finished and the hat when you do it have good week and hope your cold goes soon take care crafty hugs Andrea #19

  7. Wow empty desk ready for action! Lovely scarf...good luck with the finishing off stitch. Maybe some of the UK Deskers can offer some help. :) hope you cold goes away quickly. Warm hugs. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #76

  8. I think I should start on Valentine cards. You have inspired me to get my stuff ready, although I won't be doing it until it warms a bit here. I read you are also getting the deep freeze, too. So I hope you are warm and get rid of that cold soon with lots of fluids and rest.

    I had planned to visit last week, but I simply could NOT get to you. For that I apologize. I hope you had a lovely new year and are ready for 2014. Happy WOYWW from #5 and get better soon.

  9. Love your desk and space. Well done with your knitting - I was trying to teach my granddaughter yesterday (she'd asked to learn) had been trying for 5 mins- she is 6 and she said I can't do it I'm the worlds 'worseest' knitter :-0 she has actually got the idea just needs bit more practice. Anne x #40

  10. great looking desk this week Gita. Love the knitting project. I have started to try and knit and crochet again but have to take it slow due to the arthritis. Thanks for Sharing....Vickie #104

  11. Oh Gita all these clean desks are depressing me! bad me must get in and tidy!!! argh!
    Trouble is there are other things on my list! before it ... yes tis on it :D!

    love the scarf.. my mother taught me how to do all that when I was eight.. but really dont like knitting... now crotchet give me it any day.. knitting rates with sewing, needful but not exhilarating.. :D
    Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #26 (phew you blog had a link :D - had forgotten my number)

  12. Well done you learning to knit and making your the colours.
    A x # 10

  13. Good for you for clearing that desk off, it is nice to see it clean, I was intriqued by that black basket that you have there and what it contains, hhhmmm me want to snoop. Your knitting is growing, it is never to early to learn a new skill, I'm just so slow at knitting. Great photos this week thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 32
    Thanks for visiting sorry I am late getting back to you,

  14. It's the New Year "Clear". Such a relief to get the desk back right? I did the same thing, and although it is not nearly as bad as it was, I've a lot of catching up to do, so it's gotten messed up again! Love that warm looking scarf!

  15. Happy New Year to you too. Your scarf looks great and I love the color combo.

  16. Awesome scarf! I was taking a look around your blog and decided that I LOVE your "arts and crafts keep you sane" sidebar icon! Thanks for stopping by my blog! ~Erica #20

  17. I wish my desk looked like that right now!

    The scarf looks great!

  18. What a neat desk! Love the colour! I love knitting, but definitely only in winter - its summer over here, so that has to wait a little.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #50

  19. Another tidy desk, what's happened to us all... love it. Your knitting is coming along nicely, maybe I can send you the scarf I started about ten years ago... I kid you not.... Thanks for your visit, don't ya just love Ikea... Hope you have a wonderful week and happy crafting.

  20. Sorry to hear you caught a cold, too, Gita. There's nasty stuff going around, so do be careful.

    Your knitting is wonderful and what a great hobby to do if you are feeling only so-so and don't have enough mojo for the craft room. Speaking of which, yours is so great!! Good for you for getting last year's holidays all organized! Now here we go, starting all over with Valentines ...

    Happy Belated WOYWW and thank you for popping by to visit me!! Enjoy your day! Feel better soon! Hugs, Darnell #12

  21. Hi Gita! Looks like everything is going well! Look at you, learning a new craft. Never one to sit idle.