Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WOYWW #243 -- Snowmaggedon

Good Wednesday Morning! Oh the Atlanta are (well,South side) was expecting 1-2 inches of snow with little accumulation. It's turned into a HUGE mess all over the Atlanta metro area...motorists stranded overnight on interstates, semi-trucks jackknifed. Very icy roads. It took me 3 hours to get home yesterday. takes me 35 minutes. 

So, on this Wednesday, I am so glad it is actually MY Saturday so didn't have to worry about heading into work. But, since it is Wednesday, it's that time of week to share my crafty work desk. Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see what I'm talking about. 

First off, this is my actual desk leftover from last week. I had made a birthday card for my Godson. Some empty tin containers to the left. New knitting supplies for making a winter hat. Some paints I've grabbed to work on Valentine cards. Not much really.

Last night, my "desk" was my lap I guess. I worked on my first winter hat. Went to a class last week. I'm almost to the point where I will start tapering off. 

And here's some shots of our Snowmaggeden. 

Normally I would leave work and get on this interstate (on the right side of this pic) but it was so backed up getting on I decided to take a different route home. Atlanta is in a complete gridlock!! 

Finally have arrived home, again after 3 HOURS on the road. Of course, I have nothing to complain about. I made it home. People were still stranded this morning on the roads. They slept in grocery stores or vehicles overnight. Kids were stuck at schools overnight. 

The street outside my house 

and my backyard this morning. The skies are blue, the sun is out so it'll help melt some of the icy roads. But, it'll get freeze again tonight I'm sure. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WOYWW #242 -- Finally got something done!

Happy Wednesday Folks!! It is chilly here in the South. Brr..(not as cold as in the Midwest or out East, and definitely not as HOT as it is out West!!) I've been sick the last couple weeks. A cold set in and than a cough, which is STILL lingering after almost 3 weeks! But, slowly it is going away. 

So, it is Wednesday (but barely, I know, at least East Coast time), and it's that time of week to share my crafting space...head over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see what all the fuss is about. 

My desk hasn't seen any action since I cleaned it off after the holidays. It's been sitting empty, poor thing. But, I had to make a birthday card for my godson who turns 3 on Sunday. I'm using a North Coast Creations stamp for the first time for the card. And, I even used my Cricut! Haven't used that in ages. There's a towel and Copic alcohol to make "fur" texture on the doggie. Using scrap paper too. That's it for me...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WOYWW #240 -- Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to All!!! I haven't blogged much over the holidays but I hope to get back into it a little bit more in the new year. Hope everyone is staying warm in all these frigid temps across the states. 

And since today is Wednesday I figured I'd head over to Julia's Stamping Ground and share what is going on in my crafty neck of the woods. My desk hasn't seen much action since the Christmas cards were completed. 

I did clear it all off and organize the Halloween and Christmas items. I put them in containers so all the stuff is together. For the most part. :-) I've started working on Valentine's/Love, which is what you see on the desk. 

Otherwise, I've been working on my new project...

I took a class the beginning of last month for basic knitting. My scarf is almost done. :-) I already forgot how to make the other stitch she taught us cause I've only used the one. And, I forgot how to finish it off. But there's my sister here, you tube, and paper instructions. In a couple weeks I'm taking another class on how to knit a hat. Should be fun. 

Happy WOYWW!! Now I'm off to sit here and veg at at home since I've come down with a cold the other night. :-/.