Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WOYWW #234 -- Snow!!!

Hello! Well, here we are, another Wednesday. And the day before Thanksgiving for those of us here in the US. What's so special about Wednesday? Well, we share our craft desks and take a nosy at other's to see what they are up to (or not). Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground to check it all out.

As for me..I've been missing the last couple weeks I believe. My one sister was hospitalized with an infection. She also has some other things going on with her. I had a whole week of stressing, worrying, being angry, scared, etc. Than decided to go see her in the hospital. So, I flew out to Lubbock, TX. 

My desk has been empty...this is what I've been doing the last couple weeks..

The day I decided to book my current laptop that is on decided to start shutting down on me. I knew I wanted a new one anyway, so I guess this was the time. However, after I took it to the store -- it was working fine! I still bought a new one and plan on using this upstairs in craft room/office. 

And today this is what I woke up to....about 30 minutes south of Atlanta, GA!! 


There's not alot, but for where I live it is! First time I've seen snow in this house. I wasn't expecting it to stick to ground this far south! (Except for the cold, biting wind!) 

See, there really isn't alot. 

I've been so bad this month. I made some Thanksgiving cards. Never took pictures. And......forgot to send them out. :-( Dang it! I have this whole week off onto Christmas cards and here's to getting them done and out. SOON!! 

Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US!! And Happy rest of the week to everyone else. 



  1. Well, it's lovely to see you back! Sorry t hear about your sister, hope she's on the path to recovery now. You take care as well,
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

  2. Gita, I'm sorry to hear that your sister has been in the hospital. I hope she is on the road to recovery. Wow, snow in GA! It's a bit more normal for us up here (although I'd rather it waited until Christmas, honestly.) Re: your Thanksgiving cards -- you'll be ahead of the game for next year, anyway! Happy Thanksgiving and happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #77

  3. I hope your sister is doing better, Gita, and on the road to recovery. It is snowing here right now...big, fat, white flakes. And ooh, is the wind bitterly cold. I so do not like winter :/ I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. I hope your sister is much better now. Enjoy your new laptop and making Christmas cards. Luckily we don't get snow here, must be freezing there.
    Have a great week.
    Von #27

  5. Sounds like it has been hectic! Surprised there was snow that far south. I hope things settle down for you all now. :)

  6. Gita,

    What a wonderful sight to wake up to, we don't have snow here in Melbourne Australia either, it would be nice sometimes but I don't want the bitterly cold winds to come with it. I do hope your sister is better now for seeing you. Good luck with the Christmas Cards and I am with you I made some Thanksgiving cards for some people in the states and didn't get around to posting them off. Maybe I will still send them to let them know I was thinking of them. Hope you have a productive week with your new laptop.

    Hugs, Happy WOYWW and Happy Crafting
    Eliza & Yoda 12

  7. I hope your sister is getting better. Nothing like a new laptop, you won't know yourself. Great pictures, I love snow, it looks so pretty.... sit me by the fire and I'm a happy little camper, as long as I don't have to go outside.. LOL. Hope you have a great week and thanks for visiting my blog. Happy crafting .. De De #42

  8. Hi Brigita, I hope your sister is feeling better and enjoy your new lap top!! We are so fortunate to blend our art with all this great Technology! I'm using dover art a lot to make Digi's these days and really enjoy the flexibility and the economy! I just blogged about it yesterday!! Thank you for Sharing and have a wonderful week!! Ginny #19

  9. i am very very late this week, sorry.

    1. ....and am also having trouble commenting but i think thats my fault. thanks for visiting, glad i made you chuckle. lokks a nice sprinkling of snow, nothing to stop you going anywhere but not quite enough for a snowball fight.
      famfa 2

  10. Sorry I'm so late in returning your visit, Gita, with all the eating and playing I had to do over Thanksgiving! I couldn't believe those photos of the snow so far south!! I hope that your sister is doing better and that you had a good visit when you went to see her. Big hugs, Darnell

  11. I hope we get lots more snow this winter...well, maybe not