Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WOYWW #232 - feels like winter!

Hey Y'all! :-) Just felt like throwing in a bit of southern this morning. I DO say y'all ALOT now. Even "all y'all". So, it's Wednesday which means it's craft desk sharing time (or whatever your workspace is). 

Also, I know we have at least one WOYWW'er who lives in the Phillipines (Peggy Appleseeds I believe). So scary for them right now and hope and pray that some relieve gets there ASAP. 

Last night I cleaned my desk off a bit. It was completely covered! I still need to do quite a bit of tidying up. A few cards sitting there. Two I made last year and two this year so far. One is the technique some saw a post or two ago with the coffee filter technique. I'll be posting it soon enough. :-)

I also bought some new items online one of which is sitting on the left side there - Lindy's Stamp Gang Magicals. I guess I thought I was buying the sprays but these are little pods like H2O's. Christmas colors. So, we'll see. 

And, I also took a picture of the rest of my room. It currently looks atrocious!!! Stuff everywhere. I was planning on showing it...but Halloween scariness is over so I probably won't. 

Ok. I will. Just be prepared...........

Are you ready?!

I told you. LOL. I have piles everywhere and it's taken over. I hope to get to it this weekend and clean it up a bit. I've been busy working house things no time for here. My sister just moved to the neighborhood and didn't want the white storage unit there so it's sitting in the middle of my room. My distress inks are too heavy for the plastic storage unit so they are all over my floor (the plan is to put them in that white storage unit and place on my desk. And mark the front of all the inks with color and name). 

Also, if you follow Flat Susan she's arrived here in Georgia from Florida via Nan at Froggy designs. Thanks again Nan for the beautiful tag!! You can see the post here


  1. Oooh look at all the goodies! I'd love to go craft-diving in your stash! :) WOYWW hugs! Nan G #24

  2. Hey this looks familiar to me! Love it :-)
    Thanks for visiting!

    Gabriele 58

  3. lol I love it! my Daughter spent BIG money on The Scrap Box and her stuff is still all over her craft room and dinning room and what ever room she is in. Now mine is contained in one room, but it's all over the place. So I now say if it's clean then you are cleaning not creating :-) let it be messy. lol Love to see what you end up doing.. Bright blessing to you and yours. Roberta 68

  4. Have fun with Flat Susan, she will help you make a bigger mess LOL I can see that white unit sitting on your desk already it will look really good. As for the rest of the floor space, you could invite Helen to sit and play LOL Seriously I love the space, it has given me a giggle for the day and made my mess that much better. I currently have envelopes everywhere and made a huge mess after today's post.

    Thanks for visiting already was great, I always love visitors. Great for you to have your sister so close too.

    Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
    Eliza & Yoda 2

  5. Messy is so much FUN!
    The Craft Donkey

  6. You have a lot of crafting goodness. Have fun organizing. If I was closer, I would come over and help. #13

  7. You have such a great stash of goodies! And trust me, if I had a whole room dedicated to my crafty stuff, it would look much worse than this! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #25

  8. Your room looks like mine!! Stuff everywhere!! I know I need to take time to clean but I just haven't and the mess keeps getting worse!! Happy Wednesday my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. this looks like my craft space as I try and find

  10. You make me laugh. I think those are very tidy piles. How else can we work. Peg R

  11. Lovely crafty mess! Makes me feel much better :-)
    Deb #78

  12. I wouldn't call it a mess as much as a work in progress, it sounds better that way, he he. at least you have a plan to sorting it. I hope it goes well at the weekend
    janet #38

  13. Hello Miss Brigita, I'm betting next Wed. everything will be ship shape :), I'd like to get my claws all around that floors, did you put a piece of your coffee filter on the card???, I love working with them, even used ones, lovely stains :O).
    I did make a dress for your namesake , the post is called BRIGITA'S FORGOTEN GOWN...... put that in my search and you'll see it.. Thanks for visiting, hope you have a wonderful week and some cleaning fairy's drop by to help this weekend, have a good one...

  14. Thanks for visiting. I love your space, scary should see mine, now that's scary. I'm glad I joined, Eliza was right, the people here are amazing... Have a great week, happy crafting De De#37

  15. Not to worry about the floor - we all have areas like that.
    I like the amount of C Cards you have made - a girl after my own heart - I cannot get motivated at all this year.
    Hugs & thanks for visiting me earlier, Neet xx 22

  16. Well I feel better! I thought mine was bad - and it is! I love cleaning up, but I have to get instructions done for 4 piles, before I can put it all away!

  17. Hahaha, your room looks like mine! I have to clean tonight, so we can start the deep cleaning of the house before my parents come to visit next weekend!

  18. Your desk looks good to me! And your mess looks like the most fun stuff! I want to jump right in!!

  19. One of my favorite things about visiting the WOYWW links is seeing that others have areas similar to mine. It is great to others have issues with the materials taking over the world.

  20. It always gets wild and crazy before it gets neat and organized--LOL! :)