Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Flat Susan Visits Downtown Newnan, GA

        Who is Flat Susan you ask? Find out all about her adventures here

Today I had a chance to take her out to downtown Newnan. (I've been a tad on the road so she's been minding herself...I had to make a quick trip to Texas where my sister was in the hospital!)

This is the old courthouse. Now there's a Visitor's Center as well as Probate Court and some other features. As you can see, they are getting ready for Christmas already. 

Newnan was established as a city in 1828. Quite young compared to all the cities in the rest of the world. During the Civil War, Newnan was considered a hospital city. 

Newnan is located in Coweta County and today it's very popular for filming TV shows and even movies. The courthouse can be seen in the movie Zombieland. Also, a very popular current TV show, The Walking Dead is filmed all over Coweta County.

This building was used as a "fight scene" in Walking Dead and is located only a couple blocks from the courthouse. Also, in this same area, they are currently (or just recently) filming for the 3rd installment of the Hunger Games. I saw some trailers on the other side of this building so they may still be here. 

We also popped into Hobby Lobby, a large craft store in the U.S. I left with only 2 items. Shocking. For me at least!! LOL. 

Afterwards, I took her for a treat...we had a spa pedicure!! Ahh. 


  1. How did her "paper" toes fare? Thanks for sharing.

  2. FS loves to go exploring doesn't she?! Hope your sister is better.

  3. I hope you and Flat Susan enjoyed your pedicure ;) Awesome pictures!! And I hope your sister is feeling better. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. haha sounds like you and Flat Susan enjoyed a marvelous day, Brigita. I hope your sister is well, very soon! thank you for sharing all the beautiful historic photos and sharing a little history, too! hugs, de

  5. I hope your sister is feeling better.

    The pictures of your town are gorgeous! And the spa pedicure sounds wonderful too :)

  6. It all looks very interesting - and Hobby Lobby was no doubt very tempting. Bet she enjoyed the pedicure after all that travel.
    Hugs, Neet
    ps hope all is well with your sister