Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WOYWW #234 -- Snow!!!

Hello! Well, here we are, another Wednesday. And the day before Thanksgiving for those of us here in the US. What's so special about Wednesday? Well, we share our craft desks and take a nosy at other's to see what they are up to (or not). Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground to check it all out.

As for me..I've been missing the last couple weeks I believe. My one sister was hospitalized with an infection. She also has some other things going on with her. I had a whole week of stressing, worrying, being angry, scared, etc. Than decided to go see her in the hospital. So, I flew out to Lubbock, TX. 

My desk has been empty...this is what I've been doing the last couple weeks..

The day I decided to book my current laptop that is on decided to start shutting down on me. I knew I wanted a new one anyway, so I guess this was the time. However, after I took it to the store -- it was working fine! I still bought a new one and plan on using this upstairs in craft room/office. 

And today this is what I woke up to....about 30 minutes south of Atlanta, GA!! 


There's not alot, but for where I live it is! First time I've seen snow in this house. I wasn't expecting it to stick to ground this far south! (Except for the cold, biting wind!) 

See, there really isn't alot. 

I've been so bad this month. I made some Thanksgiving cards. Never took pictures. And......forgot to send them out. :-( Dang it! I have this whole week off onto Christmas cards and here's to getting them done and out. SOON!! 

Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US!! And Happy rest of the week to everyone else. 


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Flat Susan Visits Downtown Newnan, GA

        Who is Flat Susan you ask? Find out all about her adventures here

Today I had a chance to take her out to downtown Newnan. (I've been a tad on the road so she's been minding herself...I had to make a quick trip to Texas where my sister was in the hospital!)

This is the old courthouse. Now there's a Visitor's Center as well as Probate Court and some other features. As you can see, they are getting ready for Christmas already. 

Newnan was established as a city in 1828. Quite young compared to all the cities in the rest of the world. During the Civil War, Newnan was considered a hospital city. 

Newnan is located in Coweta County and today it's very popular for filming TV shows and even movies. The courthouse can be seen in the movie Zombieland. Also, a very popular current TV show, The Walking Dead is filmed all over Coweta County.

This building was used as a "fight scene" in Walking Dead and is located only a couple blocks from the courthouse. Also, in this same area, they are currently (or just recently) filming for the 3rd installment of the Hunger Games. I saw some trailers on the other side of this building so they may still be here. 

We also popped into Hobby Lobby, a large craft store in the U.S. I left with only 2 items. Shocking. For me at least!! LOL. 

Afterwards, I took her for a treat...we had a spa pedicure!! Ahh. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WOYWW #232 - feels like winter!

Hey Y'all! :-) Just felt like throwing in a bit of southern this morning. I DO say y'all ALOT now. Even "all y'all". So, it's Wednesday which means it's craft desk sharing time (or whatever your workspace is). 

Also, I know we have at least one WOYWW'er who lives in the Phillipines (Peggy Appleseeds I believe). So scary for them right now and hope and pray that some relieve gets there ASAP. 

Last night I cleaned my desk off a bit. It was completely covered! I still need to do quite a bit of tidying up. A few cards sitting there. Two I made last year and two this year so far. One is the technique some saw a post or two ago with the coffee filter technique. I'll be posting it soon enough. :-)

I also bought some new items online one of which is sitting on the left side there - Lindy's Stamp Gang Magicals. I guess I thought I was buying the sprays but these are little pods like H2O's. Christmas colors. So, we'll see. 

And, I also took a picture of the rest of my room. It currently looks atrocious!!! Stuff everywhere. I was planning on showing it...but Halloween scariness is over so I probably won't. 

Ok. I will. Just be prepared...........

Are you ready?!

I told you. LOL. I have piles everywhere and it's taken over. I hope to get to it this weekend and clean it up a bit. I've been busy working house things no time for here. My sister just moved to the neighborhood and didn't want the white storage unit there so it's sitting in the middle of my room. My distress inks are too heavy for the plastic storage unit so they are all over my floor (the plan is to put them in that white storage unit and place on my desk. And mark the front of all the inks with color and name). 

Also, if you follow Flat Susan she's arrived here in Georgia from Florida via Nan at Froggy designs. Thanks again Nan for the beautiful tag!! You can see the post here

Flat Susan arrives in Georgia.

Hi Everyone. So, I have a special guest visiting with me here for a little bit. Her name is Flat Susan. She's traveling the world and meeting all sorts of new people. You can see all her adventures here. She just left sunny, warm Florida visiting with Nan

Here she is at my front door. We're all ready for November and Thanksgiving now with the mums, scarecrow, and fall wreath. :-)

Unfortunately I've been working since her arrival but she's spent some time with my dogs and hanging around. The weather unfortunately isn't as nice as Florida. We are having a cold spell with lows in the 20's yesterday and today. And it was really windy yesterday. But, my Sunday hopefully back to a high of 70. 

Last night she finally saw my craft room. We sat down to work on TH tag for November and make a couple cards for Thanksgiving. 

Here's the beautiful tag Nan made for me. I love the soft green colors used. So pretty!! Thanks Nan!! We are enjoying a cup of coffee this morning and than we'll have to take her out and about. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WOYWW #231 - It's November already?!

Wow, I can't believe it's already November and Christmas is around the corner. Sheesh. 

And it's Wednesday too (and just barely, a few hours to spare). Which means it's that time of week to share my crafty work space with fellow crafters. Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see what the fuss is about and even join in...lots of desks to take a peek at.

Here's mine this week:

It's Wednesday evening so the pic is dark. This is my desk from last week. I was working on some techniques for Thanksgiving with my distress inks and a coffee filter. You can see some Inky Antics stamps too in the top right corner. Will be working on some cards tomorrow. 

I was missing last week...busy around the house. Spent last Wednesday staining my deck. Here's part of it...

I had power washed the screened in porch area, replaced most of the screens, cleaned and brightened the deck and lastly, stained it last week. Not bad for a first time staining. :-) 

Looking through pictures I came across this one...

this was back in September. I was in front of my house as the moon was rising. This isn't photo was a HUGE moon. Pretty cool huh?