Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WOYWW #229

Well, another Wednesday has rolled around. So that means it's desk sharing time over at Julia's Stamping Ground. My desk really hasn't had much use since I've returned from vacation. I've been busy outside power washing the siding, the deck, the patio. Fun stuff!! I still have to stain the deck. And it's getting chilly out too. 

Oh, and shortly after last week's post the gov't decided to put out a budget (at least through January) and re-open. So, possibly have to go through all this again.'s a look at my "old" desk which is supposed to be my Cuttlebug/Cricut/Sizzix/etc desk but piled with other stuff at the moment. 

My art journal page from last week that I put to the side. I added some border with stamps and Stickles to the umbrella. A London Eyewitness Travel Guide. I love these guides. Lots and lots of info and color pictures and maps. It's great! A white wooden collage frame with 4X6 (6) slots for pics or whatever. Felt for some card ideas. And a travel brochure from a company I signed up with to go on a trip next year. And where will my travels take me?? I'm super excited ---- The Galapagos!!!! In July. I can't wait.

Here's a close up of the journal. the Stickles was added to the red dots on the umbrella. And thanks for all the compliments. I definitely am my own worst critic. :-) LOL.  

One last thing to share -- i had bought Suzi Blu's Mixed Media Girls book 'cause the folksy "dolls" look sooo cute and I want to make  my own for cards and journals. Here's my first go at it one evening...

I'm not sure if my paper has lines too far apart but if I went with the spacing in the book this doll would be HUGE! So, will have to change it. A quick practice though. Need to keep at it. 

I hope those in Australia are doing well with all those nasty fires blazing away. The pictures over Sydney Harbor look horrible. I remember living in Southern California and there were some nasty fires! 


  1. Hi Gita,

    Thanks for popping into say hi, was great to see you again. Pleased also that the government is starting to do some temporary stuff, albeit temp. I still love that journal page from last week it is one awesome page. I am no where near the fires in Sydney thank the heavens, I am in a different state over 1000ks away. Yes they really are nasty fires.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 13
    Happy WOYWW

  2. Wonderful journal page!! Thanks for the earlier visit.
    Krisha #44

  3. Gita, I gasped when I saw your art journal. Stunning--absolutely gorgeous! This is the second gorgeous art journal I've seen, and I'm realizing my art journal is being neglected! Thanks for visiting my dollhouse today. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #35

  4. Your art journal is totally amazing, love that page!

  5. Hi Gita, love the journal page, gorgeous colours.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #34 xx

  6. Those fires are terrible as where they are. My friend has lost her home twice in CA. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.
    Wow, another trip planned - and the Galapagos!
    Great journal with Suzi's touch to it - must look out for those when I am in America.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier - have a good week. Hugs, Neet 24 xx

  7. Oh so pretty journal page. The mixed media girls book looks interesting. I always ask my daughter to pick up brochures, maps and papers during her world travels.Thanks for sharing. Be well Carole #91

  8. Fabulous journal page Gita, Happy WOYWW love and hugs Avril#95

  9. I just love how your journal page turned out!! It looks amazing!! Your doll is fabulous, too!! I bought Julie Nutting's book to try to draw her dolls and I haven't been able to get any of them to turn out. Happy Wednesday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. Thanks for visiting earlier. Lovely busy desk today - and great page on the journal.
    Have a good week.
    Margaret #64

  11. Beautiful workspace! Must be so nice to have a view! Your journal page turned out well - I love those stickles too! Lindart #94

  12. Love your workspace and journal. The doll designs look interesting.
    Thank you for visiting. Karen #54

  13. what a wonderful view from your window sorry you haven't had much time to enjoy it!. I know the feeling.loving the journal page is beautiful and im pleased you are staring to see that ! aren't you lucky the Galapagos is on
    my wish list we've looked into going and its such an experience of a lifetime I hope you have a wonderful time and we get to see lots of photos when you return it will be July before you know it .
    have fab week and thanks for sharing crafty hugs Andrea x

  14. Naughty girl, Gita, putting all that schtuff on your "cutting station" that doesn't belong there! Your learning to draw dolls and your journal page are all very good and very interesting!! Happy WOYWW! Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by to visit me! Darnell #12

  15. Great journal stuff! I love the little person!
    Happy WOYWW!?! ((Lyn)) #59

  16. Aw! That journal looks super fun!!

    Happy woyww!

    Katie (97)

  17. Your stamped border and stickle touches have lifted your fabulous London page beautifully and I am happy to hear you are getting back to normal on the job front. Have a great week! Danie #25

  18. Poor neglected desk! lol At least it has seen *some* action recently. :) Love your art journal page, and that is something I rarely say! I just generally don't get the art journal thing, which obviously means I am not doing it, huh? Get on board, right? lol Thanks for sharing your stuffs and stopping by to leave me a sweetie comment already! :) Hugs, Deeyll

  19. Wow! I can't believe how many Wednesdays I missed!

    I'm glad that the government is back up so you are getting paid again. I'd hate to go to work without getting paid!

    I really like your drawing! Great job!

  20. Brilliant journal page. So glad that you're back to normal for a while in the USA...don't you just want to bang politicians heads together sometimes! Hugs. Pam#38

  21. ah Gita how wonderful to see you creative desk and bits and bobs of art going on there.. and Galapagos you will have fun, Shaz in oz.x #16

  22. Hi thanks for stopping by. Love your journal page and all. The dolls look interesting. Peg R @#104

  23. Wow wow wow absolutely gorgeous journal page and your desk is full of yummy crafting bits. I love your drawing, it must take lots of dedication and practice. Happy Woyww :-) Kezzy xxx

  24. Your journal page is great and the folksy doll does need a bit of ajusting but practice will make you better as they say! (Hasn't worked out for me yet!) Sorry I am so late commenting! Time flies!
    Huh! You lucky girl! Going to Galapagos!
    Lots of hugs,