Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WOYWW #223

I'm getting excited...two weeks from today I will be in London, England! I'll be there for one week. :-) I've noticed the weather cooling off already - high in the upper 60's and here it's still close to 90! 

And, it's also another Wednesday. So that means it's time to share my messy crafty desk with y'all. Head over to Stamping Ground where Julia is our "sponser". LOL. 

This week I decided to show you my "other" desk. The orginal desk I used and what it's up to now...(since my current desk is pretty much the same as previous weeks, messy with Halloween stuff). 

I had plans to also have my sewing machine up here and always out but no room. Well, there would be if I put the other 2 away. I have my Cuttlebug and I also have a Sizzix BigKick. My little Cricut is in the corner and rarely gets used. I have a wire basket full of items for my Munich scrapbook.

And in the corner closest is this....

already getting ready for a London mini album or scrapbook. :-)

Last week you saw I one for my TH tag. They send out your goodies FAST. I received it that Wednesday I think. Here's my prize:

And a quick garden/ yard share...

I was wondering why my dogs kept sniffing under the steps near my Crepe Myrtle tree.... 

I know I have lizards but this one was hiding just under the steps as I was walking up and he didn't even run from me as I was watching him. 

And luckily I didn't walk into this..

He's actually quite small, maybe the size of index finger nail. I looked it up and it's a Spiny Orb Weaver Spider. not dangerous and good to have in your yard. Weird looking though with those spikes. Later I saw him rebuilding his web. Pretty neat! 

Happy WOYWW!!



  1. You are like me, I have 3 die cutting machines as well, 34 countingthe cricut. Yes it has turned colder here, Autunm has arrived, but you never know by the time you get to London it might be warm again. Great desk. Francesca #47

  2. ACK !!! That spider gives me the willies !!!! Love the lizard - I have lots of those here. I hope you enjoy your trip to UK. Safe journey :-D


    Ike in Greece #91 xx

  3. Congrats on your stamps! Yes, I think TH was just starting out when I won mine...
    I'm sorry to say, it's freeeezing in England - suddenly the glorious September weather disappeared, so please pack lots of layers!!!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. How lovely to meet someone who has lots of die cutters too. Wonderful stamps, congratulations.
    Thanks for visiting earlier and please when you come over to England, don't bring that spider with you!
    Rosie x

  5. Oh Gita, I love your desk, all those machines, I got a Cricut mine, last year for my birthday, and I am thoroughly ashamed to say I have never used it.."naughty step" for me then...AWE love the lizard and the spider, I don't mind them in the least, and am always the one to catch and release outside, in my house...hope you enjoy your trip to London, hun, maybe next time you will get to Edinburgh, our Scotland's capital....wishful thinking, Happy WOYWW, Huggies, Avril#89

  6. Eek crazy looking spider...Have a safe and wonderful trip to London...that's exciting. I rarely use my cricut either.
    Be well Carole #110

  7. Okay, that spider looks like something you created for Halloween!! It's creepy and spooky and I would still be running from it!! I hope you have such an amazing time in London!! I hope you will take lots of pictures to share with us!! Happy Wednesday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Happy WOYWW. It is certainly cooler in the UK at the moment - but London is usually warmer/drier than Wales. So many wonderful new products on your desk. Ali x #104

  9. Not crazy about spiders but I do look forward to my big black and yellow garden zippers every fall. Love the lizard. Found one in my garden shed the other day about 8" tip to tail. Haven't seen him since.

    Coolie wins from TH. I really need to visit his blog more regular.
    Creative Blessings! ~ Kelly #105

  10. Oh how fab..London. the weather will definitely be cool and you'll want layers you can top off with a wind cheater type waterproof if you're going to be put and abut a lot. is this to be a pleasure trip?
    I have a completely unused Cricut and a big shot which is over used. Guess that despite everything, the dies are more convenient than setting up the electronics!

  11. Yay for London, I am about 300 miles from there and can confirm that today has been positively freezing! :( looking forward to seeing the finished scrapbook :) Lx

  12. Love seeing you pics. The desk is cool, but that little spider is awesome! Never seen or heard of one before. Have a great time in London. Just dress for the weather. If it is nicer, then that's a bonus!

  13. I'm so excited FOR you, Gita! How awesome to go to London and how efficient are you to already have the beginnings of an album! I LOVEEEEE lizards, so love that picture. I HATEEEEE spiders, but still loved that picture, too! It's brilliantly photographed. I've never seen one anything like that here.

    Happy WOYWW and thanks for coming to visit me earlier! Have a wonderful, wonderful time away! Darnell #24

  14. Messy desks make for happy crafters!! Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  15. Love your busy and fun work space. The spider looks kind of cute.. :) Thank you for sharing. :)

  16. Hope you have a *wonderful* time in London and tell us all about it when you get home. :-) Congrats on winning the TH prize package -- how fun! Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting. ~ Laura #13

  17. Oh my goodness, that spider is frightening! I'm glad you didn't walk into him!

    Your desk is nice. I am so jealous that you have two!!

    Enjoy London! I hope you share lots of pictures!

  18. Thanks for visiting my web site and I'm glad you like my pyrography. Hope you enjoy your visit to London. Here in North Wales it has turned warmer again, although wetter, after a beautiful, mainly dry, summer. Love to see your creations of London when you get back home. The lizard looks quite harmless, don't know if it is, but the spider looks quite scary!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good trip, kind regards, John-W #58

  19. Just bring something to wear in case it gets wet! Enjoy London, wish I lived closer so we could have a coffee but I am way up in the north of England.
    Love your inclusion of the wildlife you have been giving us, that spider is pretty fascinating and the lizard so cute.
    Great die-cutters on display.
    Hugs, Neet 113 (and thanks for the visit you made to me. I am so late!)

  20. I dont like spiders well actually I do but they have to be dead first, yep dead.... London, wow what a fun thing to look forward too, I do hope you will be catching up with some of the WOYWWers there, if not have a great holiday, wish I was going there.

    Sorry for getting back to you so late, still working horrible hours and time is sparce. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

    Belated WOYWW greetings
    Eliza & Yoda 86

  21. What a spider! never seen anything like that! Well done on your new stash and your 'other side'[of your crafty space] looks very productive!
    Thanks for my snoop! HaPpY (late)WoYwW!?
    ((Lyn)) #60