Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Another Wednesday has rolled around. It's been a long week for me (today is my Saturday) with thunderstorms at work which create havoc and long 10 hour days! This summer is so strange - lots and lots of rain, cooler evenings than usual (it should be pretty hot by now and very humid), and winter like mornings with low ceilings. Very strange! 

Anyway, since it is Wednesday, it means it's time to share my craft desk over at Julia's Stamping Ground.

This is as of last Thursday, the last time I sat down to work. I plan on getting up there today to finish some projects and hopefully work on my own too! There's Distress Inks, Copics, some Dahlia images I colored and need to be fussy cut. Not much to really talk about this week....

Remember my baby birds and the bird feeder I placed up on my Crepe Myrtle out front? Well, I have some new visitor's....

I knew I had something living under my step out front but only glimpsed it once. But, now I see this one and I'm guessing a baby rat/mouse scavenging for food as well. I have two empty lots next to my house and you can see the worn path in the grass where they've been traveling back and forth. Grr. I hate to kill anything but I don't want them damaging under the house or anything. :-(

I'll leave you with a pretty picture zinnia's on my back deck. Such a pretty color. More orange-y really than red. 

Happy WOYWW! 

P.S. I finally booked my London trip so will be there the end of September to explore all the great sites. :-) And maybe a stamp store. 


  1. Hi Gita,

    What a beautiful flower, such vibrant color. As for that rat just put some poison down you wont be killing it, it will eat it all by himself and then run away to die somewhere else, better that than eating the wires under your house and causing a fire.

    Great creative desk this week too, not messy at all. Thanks for popping in to say hi.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 55

  2. Ooh, I am not into mice and certainly not into rats. I'll leave it there! Just hope they don't eat your bird eggs.
    Have just popped in from crafting outside again, yesterday was a bit overcast but sultry and warm, today is back to sunshine so I am making the most of it as we rarely see it in the UK. Hope it shines for you in September.
    Hugs, neet 45 xx

  3. A London trip sounds so fabulous! In looking at your wonderful desk and all your supply goodies--I spy a Hello Kitty! I have to say, anytime I see a Hello Kitty image somewhere on a desk, it makes me happy. I have some big bright zinnias too! I love them because they make wonderful bouquets all summer and fall and just keep blooming. Yours is beautiful. Thank you for your lovely visit today. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #46

  4. Aawwww! The birds are so sweet! Awesome desk too!

  5. I like all the crafting goodies you have on your desk. happy crafting #11

  6. nice colouring, have a fun crafty week
    blessing to you from Angela #99

  7. What a lovely serence looking craft desk! Busy but oh so serene! Love the zinnia and the way those petals neatly tuck under! Mmm rats and mice are a problem in the garden as they get under plants causing all sorts of damage and of course you don't want them wandering into the house. If you have food out they will be back. Best to put a stop to them.....

  8. I had to look really hard to see that camouflage rat lol, and that zinnia looks like a paper made one
    Bridget #23

  9. The zinnias are gorgeous! And I love the flowers on your desk as well!

  10. Oh, do have fun in London! I'm really excited for you! :)
    Thanks for letting me know about the Scrapbook Expo. Think I am going to try and go to the one here in late August, I think. Sorry about your field mouse and his bajillion friends...maybe a kitty or two or five? You know, circle of life. ;) Anyways, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment already and you may not be there yet, but I bet one day you too will have drawers that you don't know what's in them! lol :) Hugs and happy WOYWW! Deeyll #77

  11. Enjoy your trip to London, I'm from there originally but now I'm an Aussie. We have a rat problem here. I live by the sea and we have huge water rats that build big burrows in the garden. You see one but you know there are heaps more hiding in the bushes. Hope you don't get inundated with the little rotters. I love that gorgeous zinnia.
    Have a great week.
    Von #51

  12. Loving your colored Dahlias and your real life Zinnia's both are such gorgeous flowers. As for your rat problem, have you tried an electronic repellent, no poisons threatening other animals and they will deter them from coming on to your property rather than killing them. Enjoy your trip and Happy WOYWW! Danie #72

  13. Hi Gita
    your desk has some lovely bits on it today and I love the flowers you have been working on.
    I hope the rat/mouse situation can be brought under control for you.
    I am loving your beautiful flowers out the back of your place how stunning are they
    Sending hugs on WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #44

  14. Love your flowers, the colours are so bright and beautiful !

    And your coming to England !! How exciting what plans do you have whilst our there ??

    Have a great day

    Claire x

  15. Oh no, you don't want them under your house...they've wrecked the floor of our shed...came in from next doors chicken house, luckily our lodger cat Jinx has seen them off! He sits and stares where he knows they'll show, he pounces, and leaves one dead mousey/baby rat and then, as soon as he goes, the magpies and crows swoop down and grab the little bodies! The cat and the big birds have some kind of agreement I think! Your desk looks nice and fresh, a nice cool greeny colour, love it!

    ((Lyn)) #36 I think! Bit late, sorry!!

  16. Hi Gita,
    Thanks for calling by. I've been collecting H2Os for ages and when it looked as though they would close the doors I went into a decline!!!
    I enjoyed looking around your desk, and the photos of wildlife (even though pesty), and stunning zinnias. Great to have a trip on the agenda too.
    Ros. #118

  17. OOh Gita, hard as it is, you have got to get the rat thing Sorted, dont think twice. Absolutely lovely dahlia images on your desk...beautifully coloured. Aren't they cheerful as are the Zinnias...really a hot colour!

  18. Your Zinnia's are bright and beautiful. I also love the Dahalia flowers you are working on on your desk. The colors are very pretty. We have been having almost the same weather in Charlotte. I can count on 1 hand how many rain free days we've had this month. It's crazy. I hope it's not motherNature's way of preparing for an upcoming drought in the next few years.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend. (((HUGS))))
    WOYWW #44

  19. Oh wow, your Zinnias are absolutely gorgeous!! What a beautiful color!! And ugh...I hate killing most things, but rats/mice don't fall in that category. They creep me out :/ The Dahlias on your desk look so beautiful...can't wait to see what you do with them!! Happy Monday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  20. I hate killing too, but kill that darn thing. Eeeeek for sure.