Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WOYWW #214

It's Wednesday. I remembered...LOL. And you are probably like, sooooo? Well, Wednesday is the day of the week where we share our craft spaces with other fellow crafty souls. All hosted by Julia at Stamping Ground. Thanks Julia! 

I cleaned up my desk yesterday (along with organizing the craft closet). I did play in my mixed media art journal but didn't quite like the way it turned out. So right now you see some new paper,ink, and ribbon from Stampin' Up!. Open H2O's from when I played in the journal. The plastic bag contains a Graphic 45 project that I want to start. And the see the little bird house hanging there in the top left corner? My mom used to make Lithuanina ornaments and this is one of her creations. So, I hung it up for me to see. 

Here's the new storage cubbies....

All filled up with ribbon, stamps, embossing folders, etc. The painting at the top is one I made at a local paint class. 

And remember my little bird eggs in my light fixture...well, they are growing and seem to be doing fine...

 There still seem to be 4 of them in there. Just hanging out waiting for mom and dad to feed them.

Here you can see two of them. This is the front of the fixture. And oh the poop. Good golly!! There is literally a wall of poop on the back side where I've seen one lift it's butt and poop there. I'm going to have a fun time cleaning up poop!! Oh well, they are too cute. 

So that's it...this Friday I am going to a Scrapbook Expo here in the Atlanta area. I'm sure  I will come home with lots of goodies. :-) And I hope to get to some crafting today or tomorrow. 

Happy WOYWW!!


  1. Great space and birds xx Jan (102)

  2. How delightful - what an amazing thing to be able to watch :-) Don't envy you the poop clean up though LoL

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE xx #93

  3. Your storage cubbies look so organized and pretty and your birdie is sweet. We have bird feeders in front of our house and love watching our feathered friends. Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting! ~ Laura #98

  4. Hi Gita, Popping on to say hello as Ive missed a couple of weeks. Yours storage is sooo tidy as is your desk. Thanks for showing us the little birdies they are looking at you as if to say are you my mum!and they are so cute. Have a great day. Hugs Mo x #60

  5. The cubbies are absolutely fabulous!! Oooh...makes me want to organize! I think one of the things I love about art journaling is that anything goes--because I have a lot of pages I'd never show anyone...yet I still like them! I was laughing about your comment about the onions because I know I've accidentally pureed onion before! Thanks for visiting me today. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #95

  6. Love your storage cubes, cute birdies too, must be lovely to be able to watch them grow

  7. Love your tidy craft space and oh the cute little birds - eh well if you can't fly you have to poop somwhere....:-)
    Lots of hugs

  8. Hi Gita, your cubbies look great, so organised - I really need to spend some time sorting mine out, they are as they were when we moved house 3 years ago and I just stuck things on shelves to get the packing boxes emptied. Your baby birds are sweet, but my goodness yes they are pooping machines! Thanks for your visit, have a creative week. MMx #59

  9. My goodness those are ugly-cute birdies! Looks like you have a fun workspace!

    Katie (103)

  10. I hope you enjoy going to The scrap book Expo
    Will you take any classes while you are there
    Aw baby bird looks very cute
    Jackie 15

  11. Your cubbies are so awesome!! And the birdies are so sweet!! How fun to get to watch them grow!! Have a great day my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. Hi Gita - thanks for stopping by - I love seeing everyone's storage solutions - they always look so neat and tidy esp compared to some desks LOL - Have a great week - Happy WOYWW - Mxx #89

  13. Hi Gita thanks for stopping by earlier - how cute are your fledglings !! Have a great time at the expo - retail therapy I am sure ! Looking forward to seeing your new stash next week ! Ali #49

  14. The birds are so cute in the light! How adorable!

    PS. Your desk is so neat and clean! I'm jealous!

  15. Hi Gita,

    Your desk is so awesome, so many fun things to play with:) Your little birdies are darling!


    Michelle #121

  16. Those cubbies are amazing. I love your little birds too. Blessings!

  17. what special photos you have there, I've never been able to see inside a nest when we've had them on or around the house.

    Love your desk space. I've never tried H2Os what are they like? Nice shelving unit, well done on doing a re-organising - I so need to finish doing mine.

  18. Yes, me too, I love those Cubbies, they would be soooo useful!! Cute little birdies!! For two years we had a black bird family in our garage, but since the lodger cat's been staying she now nests next door, but she's still sooo tame she will take bread from my hand! and visits the bird table all the time. So keep a look out for her and maybe the babies returning! Have a great crafty week!! HappY WOyWw


  19. What a neat desk indeed and boy oh boy, I love your storage cubes! The little birdies are cute indeed... I think they are worth the disadvantage of cleaning poop. Happy ~ belated ~ woyww and a hug from (sunny and warm!) Holland. Marit #91

  20. Yes Gita, you need to get to that desk and mess it up today! What darling photos of the birds, good luck with the clean-up!

  21. what a bright tidy space! Happy WOYWW Lindsay #112

  22. Hi Gita,
    Belated happy WOYWW, I'm slowly making the rounds, too hot outside, so this is the best way to keep cool....LOL
    Love your new cubbies. I have a few of those journal pages that I haven't shared too, I call them "just for me" pages and they are the ones I tend to write all over on...LOL
    What part of CA do you come from??
    Krisha #5

  23. Lovely neat desk, Gita, all laid out and ready for new creativity! Thank you SO much for sharing the photos of the adorable babies, even if they are poopy!! After losing all of mine, I'm so delighted to see other people post successful hatchings! Love it!!

    Happy Belated WOYWW and have a wonderful time tomorrow at the Expo! Thanks for coming to see me at the Playhouse! Darnell #24

  24. wonderful post Gita love all the details and birds well done! love your mums creations you shred too and card up above happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #36

  25. Your desk looks incredible, tidy but not scarily so! And how lucky you are to be able to watch those birds grow.

    Thank you for visiting and happy belated WOYWW.
    Cheers, Rachel #69

  26. That is very sweet of you to put up with their poo til they grow big enough to fly away and poo somewhere else! lol Love how the cubes are progressing. Thanks for visiting my desk earlier and leaving your opinion on the easel v.s. burlap issue. :) Deeyll #48