Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WOYWW #202

It's Wednesday....time to take a peek and see what craftiness is taking place behind the scenes of sorts....head over to Stamping Ground where Julia is the hostess who puts on this gig every week, even when on vacay. :-)

My desk is a mess. Still! Haven't done much with it, cleaning up wise that is...

I had to turn the light on since it was still a bit dark this time of morning on this side of the house. As you can see, a mess. Got the Copics out for coloring. I am still such a newbie at it. I really want to learn the basics. Also have watercolor pencils sitting out. 

I purchased from several online stores last Sunday (a week and a half ago). It's amazing how most of the places I got my items within days. One I got on Monday. And Simon Says Stamps, as usual, seems soooooo slow. They sent my items on the 10th and am still waiting. 

Here's some of the online purchases:

I bought some paper so I can start on a travel journal (my first!) from my trip to Nashville TN several years ago. Some TH stamps which will be used on the tag for April. A border punch. I also bought some TH distress paint, hmm, what else....other stamps from Lost Coast Designs...and I can't think of what else at the moment. 

At Hobby Lobby however, I got me The 40% off. :-) Still in the box and waiting to be used for the first time. Can't wait....I've seen so many cool ideas online for travel journals. So excited to get into this project. 

A couple more pics and I'll be done....a few weeks ago I shared a pic of a cardinal (male). I'm guessing this is the female. Maybe not...I think the beak is too long. Anyway, there were two sitting in this tree or whatever it is and this one stayed put. I took the picture from my kitchen window. Zoomed way in!

And a squirrel sitting in a tree just outside my yard.

Here's a reference for you...not quite this green yet, but getting there. The bird was just on the other side of the yard in front of the pine. 

Ok, that's it from me....have a great week. I'll be heading to Asheville NC to visit my friends over my birthday weekend. Well, Monday is my b-day but I'm off Sat-Tuesday. (Including one furlough day. Yup, all that talk on the news about's really happening.)


  1. have a good birthday - well done on your bargain Cinch!! Helen, 12

  2. Love your desk! So, alright, I've got my Hob Lob 40% coupon in hand right now--and I'm checking into this Cinch! Looks fun! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #96

  3. I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with all you wish for and more. Great bargain @ 40% off too, I so wish I could go to a Hobby Lobby store just once, but then I would want to go again, we just don't have hobby lobby here in australia.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 46

  4. Have a great birthday next week! Hope you love your Cinch as much as I love mine - mine's the old pink one and there is just nothing like it for doing the job. Happy WOYWW! xxx Keren

  5. Great workspace - have fun with your colouring. Linda #117

  6. have some fun crafting goodies on your desk. It's nice to someone else in Georgia. Happy crafting #30

  7. look at all your lovely new crafting stash that looks like hours of fun
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #40

  8. enjoy your birthday break! great purchases - love those papers and stamps, esp.
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    i overslept, so no. 21 this week!

  9. awesome goodies there, cant wait to see what you make from the cinch
    Bridget #28

  10. Lovely workspace and goodies.
    Karen #61

  11. Hi Gita, Lots to nosey at on your desk this week, drooling over your pencils and stampers annonymous stamps. How pretty is that Cardinal, we dont have them over here so thanks for sharing that. Have a lovely birthday next week. Thanks for your visit. Hugs Mo #35

  12. What awesome goodies!! I can't wait to see what you create with everything!! The bird is so beautiful!! I think it's a Brown Thrasher...not positive. My craft space was so bad, I couldn't even see the surface...but I finally gave in and cleaned it off today!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. First of all, hope you have great trip to visit your friends and a great birthday while you are there. What a great new stash you have...isn't it fun to get new stuff in the mail, like Christmas...little presents arriving one by one! I love your TH stamps, I just ordered some off ebay yesterday...just love that look too. Well, have an awesome week, Hugs, Cathryn #141

  14. Have fun and be merry! Don't worry about your messy desk! It will be there when you come home!

  15. Ah! Yay for the cinch! I can't wait to see your travel album!

    That last picture is beautiful! Enjoy the green :)

  16. Hi Gita, I'll be sending you an e-mail as soon as Yahoo finishes it's upgrade :( The bird looks like a Brown Thrasher to me :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina..hopefully will see you in a couple of days!

  17. Hi Gita!
    I couldn't hubby and I love to bird watch. We get a lot of interesting birds since we live in the country. So I couldn't resist looking yours up in our Audubon book. The other commenter that mentioned a Brown Thrasher is probably right. If not that, then I think it most likely is a Wood Thrush (which is quite common near houses). Thanks for a fun birdy challenge and Wonderful picture from so far away! TFS!
    Hope you're enjoying all your early "birthday" packages that have arrived! Goodies in the mail is always so much fun!!

  18. What fun supplies! I love getting stuff in the mail. :) Jean #4

  19. Well I hope you have a lovely birthday. I like your new purchases. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  20. Hi, Gita, I love your busy and creative work space. And your photo of that cute bird is awesome! Thank you for sharing. ^_^

  21. Well, I hope you are able to enjoy the time off, even if it is being forced on you...I bet you can think of *something* to do with that time, so you at least don't get bored, huh? lol :) Loved seeing your desk this is so different from when I first saw it on much messier! It looks like we messy crafters have just rubbed off on you better than rub-ons do on paper, haha! Let us know how the Cinch works, or how you like it, will ya? I've thought of getting one myself but I'm the sort that likes to know what other people thought/experienced before getting something else that will take up some of my increasing less crafting space. Stash takes over a place, yes? :) Anyways, thanks for stopping by already and have fun! Thanks for sharing the wildlife and greenery, too. :) Deeyll #139

  22. Wow, you've been having a happy time splashing some cash! What on earth does a Cinch do? You'll have to show us the results of something you make with it!
    Hugs, LLJ 37 xxxx

  23. lovely stash and great photo of the bird. Never heard of a cardinal before, dont think we get them in UK will have to check.

    Gill x

  24. Hi there, I always have a real smile when I see a work area like this as it is my worst nightmare, as everything has to be clean and tidy. I really envy all the lovely ladies that are able to work like this as I seem to spend so much time keeping tidy and not relaxing. The more I look at WOYWW the more I realise that I am the odd one and I need to chill.

    I really enjoyed visiting, you have some really lovely things on your desk, thanks for sharing.


  25. Hi Gita, thanks for stopping by. Its always nice to get new stash, now you need time to play with it. Great desk and your garden looks lovely. Francesca #67

  26. Happy WOYWW! That is very tidy, if you want to see a mess look at mine!

    Love the bird and garden photos.

    Cazzy x #87

  27. Ooooh, that Cinch does sound like fun!!!

    Happy WOYWW to you!
    #150 this week

  28. Thanks for sharing you crafty mess!! It made me feel so less guilty about my craft room (: Looks like you have some fun new goodies!

  29. Oh fun new things to be creative with. Love your desk too, I've lost patience with coloring
    thought all this winter I'd change that but, no way did that happen. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Running late, but being gone the 2 days wore me out! Drove home in a snow storm, still very cold, strong winds, and snow on the ground here. Unreal.
    Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend

  30. Thanks for popping over to comment on my WOYWW post :)

    I Love the look of your desk and how you have everything within easy reach. Your new stash purchases look like fun too!

    Anda #47 (I think, could be wrong!)