Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WOYWW? #173

Good Morning! I almost wasn't going to participate this week. Woke up with another sinus pressure headache. Ugh! I had them for about 2 weeks straight towards the end of August and than nothing until today. But I took some drugs and my morning coffee and feel a bit better. 

So, let's see...I was playing with my alcohol inks a few days ago so they are still left out. I also brought out some items for projects I hope to get to this weekend. In the bottom right corner are 3 letters B O O. I want to modge podge some Halloween paper over it. I swore I found the idea on Pintrest but can't seem to find the link. Oh well. I also have some Heartfelt Creations stamps out for fall and the tea set. My small collection of Copics to the left. 

I did get quite a few cards done this weekend. I posted a couple and the others are for my new job as a Design Team (DT) member over at Sparkle n Sprinkle. I love playing with glitter and they are ALL about the glitter. :-) Will be  fun year. 

That's it for me...have  great week everyone. As always, thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. 

Oh, and if you are wondering why I am going on about my workdesk than please go visit Ms. Julia at Stamping Ground to see what is going on for WOYWW -- What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday. Lots of folks sharing their work spaces.... 

For those that live in England -- what is a good time of year to visit? I have a week off next September and was contemplating 2 different places depending on $$. Is that a good time of year? Thanks for input. I would be staying in the London area. 


  1. Oh I am so happy to see "real" workspaces and not the ones I imagine everyone else has!

  2. Looks like you have a lot of fun planed for this weekend.... Everything is lined up and ready to go!

  3. fab craft space :)
    happy woyww
    kay #56

  4. Hi Gita!!! wonderful craft space!!! love it!!!!

  5. You are busy yourself! Re: visiting the UK. Depends on what you want :) Before Easter and after October the fares tend to be cheaper, but lots of stuff is closed. A mate of my sisters came over from NC hoping to visit where Downton Abbey is filmed (which is right near us) but it was closed till Easter so she missed out! London stuff, like The Tower, are open all year round, but lots of the stately homes are closed, or the grounds only open in the Winter. The weather is hugely unpredictable. This year w had a nice hot week in the Spring, then misery, rain, cold, dark and dismal, for about 2 months. Then a couple of hot days, more rain...
    Other years we've had weeks of really hot, really dry weather for weeks in the Summer. There is simply no way to know. I would say pick the time that works for you and hope for the best :) Make 2 plans - one for dry weather, one for rain. September is probably as good a month as any - We had a fair bit of rain this September, maybe next year it'll be better.

    Mary Anne (50)

  6. I love your workspace. I live in London - September would be a great time to visit - not too hot to walk around, and after the school summer holidays so it shouldn't be unbearably busy. Happy WOYWW, Sharon #79

  7. Looks like you've been having fun again Gita. Lots of goodies on your desk:)
    As for your trip, I agree that September is as good a time as any (the UK weather is very unpredictable!) There's tons to do in London - a tour bus is a fab way of seeing all the sights without wearing your feet out. If you want to visit two different places it may be worth considering somewhere by the coast or in the countryside (depending on your preference) to get a better idea of this wonderful country of ours. The internet is definitely your best planning/information tool. Hope this helps, hugs Buttons #70

  8. Wow! Despite the sinus headache (they can be so crippling), looks like you've been busy. We're so delighted to have you on the Sparkle Team. Hope you are soon feeling better!

  9. I love craft desks that have a window view, so inviting and inspiring
    Bridget #3

  10. You are so lucky to have a window! I am jealous!

    Your BOO letters sound like fun...I am addicted to many fab ideas there.

    What do you use the coffee filters for...i see a couple on your desk...there must be some technique maybe that they are used in???

    1. The coffee filters are for glitter. When I pour glitter on a project the excess goes onto the filter and than just pours easily back into jar. :-)

  11. You work space looks great have a blessed day
    Melissa #38

  12. Thanks for the quick answer about the coffee filters...I thought maybe something to do with the inks...maybe for a polishing cloth to swirl the ink onto the paper...i never guessed for glitter! Great idea!

  13. Sorry to hear about that headache - they are the worse kind to have IMO.
    Lovely to see the alcohol inks being used - I am deming them this weekend and need to get my head around what I am doing.
    Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog. Hugs, Neet x #5

  14. Hi there Gita - sinus can be a problem... if you can find out shat is causing it that is the only way to get rid of it I have found - re the last question you asked.. my family who have lived there for years and who I visit when able were talking on this point on skype at the weekend. They said you never know with England - you can get any sort of weather any time f year... almost.
    This year Sept was bad except for the first week, when I went in 2006 it was superb and also in 2009. Personally think it would be my choice if I were you.. and went o t London both times.
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #21

  15. Hi Gita - thanks for visiting my desk this week. Hoope the sinus head is better. September can be lovely in England but not this year.Our weather is so unpredictable.x Jo

  16. thanks for visiting my desk this week... dealing with a stomach virus right now but on the up swing.. you desk looks very tidy wish mine did. Have a great day see you next Wed

  17. Hello Brigita, Thanks for visiting my desk and taking the time to look at my Etsy store. I didn't think anyone would look despite my little plea!!

    I love the shot of the desk. Were you standing on something? The angle and lighting is so nice and inviting. Makes me want to come and use your Copics to color those lovely leaf stamps!! HA Ha.

    Have a wonderful week and I will see you next week.


  18. Lovely tidy desk! When I work with alcohol inks they end up all over everything lol! Will be doing some back checking to see your creations! Thanks for popping over last week, just now catching up!