Sunday, June 26, 2011

Velvety Pink Flower

I was at a rubber stamp store the other day and found some new glitter to play with...(well, new for me, apparently it's been around after searching the 'net)...Jewel Glitter Ritz!!! Love it!!

I wanted to quickly play with some of it the other day and made this simple card.  The majority of the card was complete from a crop event last year in San Diego. I had never finished it because I didn't care for the stamped images. 

Anyway...I think it worked perfectly with my glitter project.
If you haven't ever tried using the micro fine glitter, and like glitter, than you must try it! After rubbing it into the tape sheet (burnishing) it feels like velvet. Very very smooth texture. Love it!!!
I used the Elizabeth craft designs peel off stickers, Starform transfer sheets, Be Creative Tape sheets and 4 glitters by Jewel Glitter Ritz (Rose, Burgundy, Stardust, and Sweet Basil). 

It was actually quite easy. I had gotten a tutorial from the owner of the rubber stamp store so had an idea of what I was doing. Now I want to figure out different methods so I have more options than just the peel off stickers....


  1. So pretty and glittery! I love glitter and this is just beautiful! Thanks for visiting me and I'm now a new follower (and a total glitter girl) :)Amy

  2. Thanks for stopping by Amy! :-)

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