Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!!!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Basket Full of Goodies

Easter is only a day away...still feels almost like winter! :-( 

Yesterday it was cold and rainy...and today is still drizzly and a high of 60. I don't like...that is all for my rant today. LOL. 

Here's one of the cards I made...

I thought this came out too darn cute. 

The basket and tulips are IO. Fresh Cut Grass is MFT. Sentiment is Craft Smart. The bunny and chick are stickers from stash. I used a egg stamp onto colored paper and cut out. Soft Shades. 

Happy Easter!!!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Munich Scrapbook --- Finally Finished!!!!

I'm so excited -- I finally finished my Munich, Germany trip I took back in December 2009. I started probably about 1 1/2 years ago (maybe more). What a relief to be done...

I was so excited to have finished that I loaded all the pages into the album. Then realized I forgot to add the page protectors. Doh! Anyway, got it all done! I was also glad to have had one last Creative Memories album left. Apparently they filed bankruptcy and are running under a new name with a new format -- kinda like Project Life I guess. 

So here are just some of the pages. The 12X12 album is probably almost 3 inches thick!!

First page is a mixture of ticket stubs, candy wrappers, etc. I added a Munich map to the inside front cover. The 2 Germany laser dies I bought through Scrap Your Trip. 

At Marienplatz there was a small postal service that you can send a postcard with their stamp on it...

I walked up to the top of this church at Marienplatz with nice views. Coordinating paper from Scrap Your Trip. 

Creative Memories used to have these pocket pages and than years ago they decided to do away with them! (Stupid, I thought.) So I had to find a bunch on ebay. I love them...great for memorabilia to pull out and look at easily. 

More coordinating paper from Scrap Your Trip.


Map of Salzburg along with some Mozart chocolate wrappers. :-)

Salzburg Christmas Market with some pictures and candy wrappers, stollen box cover, cut out from a bag. 

Another pocket page...

I found a stationary store with these adorable Christmas postcards. 

This is the last page with more memorabilia. Coins, admission tickets to a couple museums, wrapper from fizzy apple juice. 

So that's it. Towards the end of the album I just started slapping pages together so they aren't as exciting...I just wanted to be done!!! LOL. 

Now I am excited to start a different realm ... Project Life and mini travel albums. Next up is a Nashville New Year's week trip I took with one of my BFF's before I left San Diego. Can't remember now if it was before Munich...must've been. :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WOYWW #254 - Scrapbooking

Hello Everyone -- tis Wednesday again which means it is time for desk hops across the globe. Have a looksie over at Julia's Stamping Ground

Well, I seem to have my pain under control. ER visit for a CT scan, ENT, and another doctor visit for x-ray of neck. Supposedly some compressed discs...muscle relaxers and what not. Let's hope it's nothing too bad!! 

As for the weather -- goodness. It was 80 degrees over the weekend and this morning it is 32!!! What gives?! I bought a few plants and brought everything inside last night so it didn't die. :-/  

Onto my desk...all my Easter cards are done. Of course, it is Wednesday and Easter is Sunday!! My butt needs to get them out in today's mail!! LOL. Now I am sooooo close to getting my Munich 2009 trip complete. I have a few more layouts and it will be DONE. 

This was taken yesterday evening. I did manage to get upstairs and work on this LO some more. Last couple pages are from a day trip to Salzburg, Austria. And than all the ephemera I have leftover to add. Pretty much slapping pages together now so I can finish. And I'm bored with this type of scrapbooking. Mini travel albums and Project Life it seems will be my next endeavors. :-) 

Last week I also attempted to do some "whimsy" lettering. I bought a new book out -- sorry, forgot the author. But, I just experimented and here it is.. kinda dark since I took it in the evening on a dark table. 

The green/yellow background was done several weeks ago with some leftover H2O's. I'm from Chicago so just decided to come up with different words about my home town. Of course, I ended up with Sears Tower twice. (And for some of you -- I know, I know, it's not the Sears Tower anymore...but for me, it will always be!) 

Happy WOYWW!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WOYWW #253 ~~ Slow going here...and OKC

I almost forgot it's Wednesday...that time of week where I share my desk with all my fellow crafty peeps. So, this post will definitely be late for all you folks across the pond, but a few hours to spare here on the East Coast. :-) Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see what the fuss is about. 

I've been away...spent two weeks in Oklahoma City for work. Returned home and had a weird head pain with pressure in the back of neck into head. Went to urgent care and even ER for a CT scan. Been given different meds. so we'll see what happens. Something to do with allergies and sinuses supposedly. 

Anyway, here's my desk...

... kind of a bird's eye view. Been working on Easter cards. A few more to go. Today I had to take a nap midway through (pain meds). I also put out a few items I bought while in OKC. I stopped at a craft store on a cold, rainy day. Bought some stamps, paints, new TH toys. Here's a closer look...

While there, I had the chance to meet up with Vickie from Okienurse's Paper and Ink Therapy and her daughter Heather. We went to the Melting Pot in downtown OKC and had a nice evening chatting. 

So although I was there for "work" I tried to visit some of the sites. Here's some of them...

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
beautiful memorial and the museum is a must!

Museum of Art
They had an Ansel Adams and Dave Chihuly exibit. Lots of great glass art by Chihuly. 

lots of glass inside a canoe

  45th Infantry Museum

Lake Hefner
went walking over the weekend. Nice small lake with walking paths.  

Oklahoma City Barons
second to last night went to a free hockey game. The home team won in a shootout.  

That's it for me...hopefully I'll be getting on here a bit more often. And visiting more often. Lots to catch up on and with spring here and outside areas needing attention...well, lots to do. :-) 

Monday, March 24, 2014

St. Patty's Day -- better late than never, right?!

I've just been in a blogging slump I guess. I haven't posted much. I think I missed posting my Valentine cards too. Geez! Hopefully spring will get me out of my funk and have me sharing my creations with y'all. 

Here's a few St. Patrick's Day cards I made this year. I tried posting last night on my new laptop. However, it's connected via the network to my old laptop and it was already shutdown and packed up for my trip so no pics were available. I don't have the details with me (I'm in Oklahoma City right now) so bear with me with the few details...

The image is from the internet, added green stickles to the four leaf clovers. Stamped more on the background.

The next card I used Spellbinders for the white background. The shamrock is a die as well, but sorry, I currently can't remember. :-( The sentiment is Sweet Stamps. Added some gold edging around shamrock.

I thought this image was too cute..another one I found on the internet. Added Stickles to the shamrocks. 

Same shamrock die cut here. I also added gold edging stickers. 

Sorry for late post and for not having all my info with me...but I wanted to get it out there and share.. :-)